Barrier: Super Plus Fly Spray
Super Plus Refill
Super Plus Spray 1 litre/5 litre
Super Plus Gel
Enhanced Formula Spray/Refill
Coopers Fly Repellant
Lincoln Fly Spray
Lincoln Fly Stuff – Gel
N.A.F: Extra – Ointment
Deet Spray
Deet Cream
Nettex: Advanced Fly Repellant
Itch Stop & Roll on
Summer Cream
Sun Block
Radiol Fly Cream
Dodson & Horrell: Devils Claw tub/liquid
Stroppy Mare
Milk Thistle
Breathe Free
Itch Free
Soya Oil  5 litre/ 20 litre
Animal Lintex
Antibacterial Spray
Barrier: Louse Powder
Red Mite Powder/Spray
Saddle Soap
Lavender Wash
Revitalising Wash
Canter Silk Mane & Tail
Codlivine Supple Joint Supplement
Super Supplement
Cornucrescine Large/small
Cider Vinegar
Cod Liver Oil 1 & 5 litre
Dermoline Insecticidal/Medicated Shampoo
Equivite Original
Equimins Biotin & Biotin Plus
Garlic & Parsley Oil
Epsom Salts
Effol Green 1 litre
Farriers Formula (Refills)
Formula 4 Feet
Gold Label Shampoo for Greys
Louse Powder
Garlic 1kg/2kg

Hay Nets
Hilton Herbs Hoof& Health
Himalayan Rock Salt Sm/M/Lg
Hydrophane Protocon Ointment
Jeyes Fluid 1ltr/5ltr
Keratex: Nail Hole Disinfectant
Hoof Gel
Hoof Putty
Hoof Hardener
Lincoln Hoof Oil
Linseed Oil 5ltr
Linseed Lozenges 1kg/2kg/20kg
Laminshield Blocks
Lickits sm/lg and holders
Toungue Twister
Boredom Breaker
Mollasses 5ltr
N.A.F: Cider Vinegar
D-Itch 500g/1kg
Devils Relief
Electro Salts
Five-Star Magic 1kg/3kg
General Purpose Supplement 1.5kg
Hoof Moist Natural/black/2.5kg
Human Supaflex
Laminaze 1.2kg
Oestress 500g/1kg
Oilovite 3kg
Omega Oil
Pink Powder 700g/1.4kg
Pro Feet
Supaflex 800g
Supaflex Liquid 1lt
Tea Tree Shampoo 500ml/1lt
Veteran Supplement 1.5kg
Neatsfoot Oil
No Bute
Pig Oil
Purple Foot Rot Spray
Radiol Anti Bacterial Jelly
Saddle Soap Bar
Barrier Spray
Belvior Spray No.1/No.2
Seaweed Meal 1kg/2kg
Top Spec Calmer
Antilam Tub
Udder Cream
Vetrap Bandages
Veterinary Wound Powder
Wendals Creams
Stop Itch

We also stock Head Collars, Haynets, Fly Masks & Fringes and muzzles

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